Y'all Sucked At Naming Commander Shepard

What did you name your Commander Shepard? Wait. Let me guess. Your Shepard—assuming you went with something other than the default name—has one of the names in the image above, right?

Statistically speaking, those are the most popular names for Commander Shepard in Mass Effect 3 according to BioWare. Well, they're the most frequent names aside from "John" and "Jane," the default names that Shepard comes with—which also, incidentally, are kind of boring names (sorry, John and Janes of the world!)


But yeah. Most of you guys didn't really give Shepard very interesting names at all, judging from this infographic BioWare made:

My guess is that if Mass Effect 3 had been released in 2014, we'd have a hell of a lot of Khaleesi, Katniss or Arya Shepards.

I've named my Shepard "Ash," for what it's worth. Not a popular name, but since he's a paragon soldier bro-Shepard, he's still awfully generic. :(

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