Toshihiro Nagoshi is known for two things: Being very brown and making video games. He looks even browner on television.


The Yakuza franchise, which has already seen a movie adaptation, is currently getting a television adaptation in Japan. The program is based on the new PSP game, Yakuza: New Chapter Black Panther.

Nagoshi has undergone a radical fashion transformation. "I feel refreshed when my sweaty skin is tanned," the toasted game designer said last year.


According to Nagoshi, his appearance the Yakuza: New Chapter Black Panther show isn't a regular thing. The top image is a still from his cameo debut. He looks even more tanned than he does in real life. That's because they say the camera adds ten browns.


TVドラマ版『クロヒョウ 龍が如く新章』にて名越さんがカメオ出演! これが・・・ラスボス・・・!!! [はちま起稿]

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