Yakuza 4 Doesn't Just Fight For Money, It Fights For Love, Too

There's a delightful little saying we have here in Australia, which goes a little something like (NSFW) "glass the c#@t". It's not pretty, but there you have it. Anyway, it features in this new trailer for Yakuza 4.

This is the second in Sega's new attempts to try and package the notoriously fickle Japanese crime series as something Westerners may actually purchase,and I like it. It may not be the most Japanese of trailers, sounding more like a bad Tarantino movie clone than a gangster game set in the seedy under-belly of Tokyo, but when engaging in localisation, sometimes liberties have to be taken.

While Yakuza 4 was out in Japan earlier this year, it won't be out in the West until March 2011.

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Note to Publishers, quite trying to make this game appear like something it's not. Your not going to "fool" anyone into buying it. Promote it for what it is and it will grab its intended audience. I'm not at all a purist. I really liked the English VO of the first Yakuza, but this promo makes me NOT want the game, but I played the demo and know better so I'll still be getting it. I can just see it grabbing someones attention who eventually pops the game in and is ultimately disappointed.