Yakuza 3 Has Great Looking Graphics, Strippers

We really don't know how Yakuza series producer Toshihiro Nagoshi finds the time to so thoroughly bronze and get a new Yakuza game out every year or so. Yakuza 3 — the fourth in the series after the spin-off Yakuza Kenzan! — features more stunning character models, Japanese gangster brawls and "exotic dancers" with ultra-realistic stripper boots. This clip for the Japanese version features mere seconds of gameplay, but does make up for it with some camera straddling. Yakuza 3 - Strip Teaser Trailer [GameTrailers]

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So im assuming all these yakuzas follow one after another?

I'll probably get yakuza 3 but i guess i'll have to wiki the storyline when it comes out so i can get caught up to speed unless they make some sort of dvd pre-order thing that fills you in.

Although this type of game seems like it would be way better to watch everything happen as opposed to reading about it