Yahoo: NES, Dreamcast Best Toys Of All Time

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That time of year when parents have to invest in the newest hot toy for Christmas is at hand. Too bad not many of these Best Toys of All Time are still hot.


From classic scooters and teddy bears to Furbies and Cabbage Patch Kids, this Good Housekeeping list documents the hottest of hot toys that were hot in their day. And unlike People Magazine's 80s special, they've gone and given Nintendo and Sega their rightful props as hot toys.


While I can't name anybody who'd be glad to get a jar of Play-Doh this year, I can think of a lot of people who would be thrilled to see a Sega Dreamcast or an original Nintendo Entertainment System under their X-mas tree this year. Sadly, none of them are kids.

What classic entertainment system would you want under your tree this year?

The Best Toys of All Time [Good Housekeeping by Yahoo! Shopping]

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man a freaking mint condition master system would be dope for a christmas gift. almost all my consoles/hand helds were gifts.

lets see... i got an ipod touch (to specifically play games) last year, a ds in 04, a mint condition turbo grafx 16 in 01, a dreamcast in 99, a saturn in 96, a game gear in 92, and my first video game related christmas gift/console ever. that bad boy in the pic (i asked for an nes, my parents made an awesome mistake). that was in december of 89 and i still have the box and all the inserts. when i mention it or show it off, most ppl are like 'wth is that?"

i got my nes and xbox for my birthdays in 90 and 02 respectively. growin up was fun man.