The PlayStation Home alternate reality game Xi takes another step beyond the console as the shadowy corporate entity known as Veilcorp begins recruiting applicants in the New York and Los Angeles area.

Little is known about Veilcorp other than the fact that they claim ownership of anything having to do with Xi, suggesting that anyone hunting for it is in violation of their corporate rights. At the Veilcorp website, visitors can fill out an aptitude test that measures their suitability for a position with the company, after which those that are available for an "interview" in the New York City and Los Angeles areas are then asked to fill out a form. My aptitude test suggested I was executive material, however since I am nowhere near those two locations I had to pass on step two.


According to the official rules, 10 applicants in each city will score an all-expenses paid limo ride to an undisclosed location, where they will be filmed for inclusion in the Xi ARG.

Those interested can head on over to, select their country, and then select the more info link to access the aptitude test. Those not interested should probably have stopped reading by now.

Who is Veilcorp? [PlayStation.Blog]

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