Gamer's IM service Xfire is preparing to broadcast a World of Warcraft raid as a spectator event. Using a plugin for the Xfire client, up to 4,000 viewers will be able to watch and learn when the crack Nihilum guild launch an assault on the bastard-hard Sunwell Plateau. The plugin uses multimedia sharing tech from Dyyno to allow viewers to switch between four different character POVs - Druid, Hunter, Warrior and Warlock. This is the second such broadcast via Xfire — this event is expected to take up to four hours from start to finish. Numb bums all round, then, and this definitely qualifies as niche viewing. Mind you, 4,000 viewers is comparable to some bottom-feeding cable channels. If the tech was there, would you sit down and watch a WoW raid in prime time? Xfire to broadcast WoW's Sunwell Plateau raid live [Masively]


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