Xenoblade Chronicles X Sure Looks Impressive

Oh hey there, new trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles X. You're looking oh so fine.


I'm still not sure how the folks at Monolith Soft are managing to eke so much out of the frustratingly underpowered Wii U, but hey, I'll take it. I mean, just check out that video footage. It looks wonderful. Hopefully they populate that world with interesting enemies and things to do beyond "GO COLLECT THIS THING." And hopefully this one's got more interesting characters than the first Xenoblade had. But yes. Hype.

Xenoblade Chronicles X comes out in April for Japan, and "2015" for North America, although based on the fact that the trailers are still using Japanese voices, I'm guessing we've still got a ways to go.


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Except for the faces. My god are those faces awful. :(

Really not feeling this game so far considering it seems to be "Xenoblade, but with even more MMO elements than the last one!" and the novel concept of climbing around on the giant corpse of a dead god removed.