XCOM's Top Soldier Finally Gets To Kick Some Ass

If we can't see Council Man himself rolling up his sleeves and throwing the hell down, then Central Officer Bradford pistol whipping some bastard-ass traitor in XCOM: Enemy Within will have to do.

We didn't see Base Defense—in which the conflict comes home, literally—in Tina's preview of XCOM: Enemy Within, this morning, but it's definitely coming back to the series in the November release of Enemy Within. What else are we to make of Bradford putting a boot in someone's kisser and Dr. Shen getting blown across the laboratory? It's been a poorly kept secret for more than a month.


Base defense was a standby of the original PC series, in which the enemy engaged the player in an all-or-nothing fight where defeat meant the end of the game. It seems a little more sophisticated here but the stakes will probably be the same. Reading between the lines, it looks like the EXALT, the renegade human faction, will be behind the assault. Or maybe it's the extraterrestrials, as there's a quick shot of a bleeding-eyes possessed human, like those seen in sibling title The Bureau: XCOM Declassified.

In any event, you wouldn't think a turn-based strategy game would deliver this kind of a blood-pumping action-packed goddam-right trailer. I'm giddy for it, just to see Bradford unleash his pent up frustrations from refereeing Dr. Shen and Dr. Vahlen's petty rivalry.

XCOM: Enemy Within arrives on Nov. 12.

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I've been meaning to try XCOM for a while, but it's always stupidly priced second hand.

Is it worth buying new?