XCOM's Development Presses On, Says 2K—With One Less Studio

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Earlier this week, 2K Games announced that its Canberra, Australia studio was being shifted from helping with development of XCOM to working on Bioshock Infinite.


The news led some to wonder if XCOM was in jeopardy of being postponed or canned. But 2K Games tells Kotaku that the reboot is still in development at 2K Marin with the studio "focused on delivering a triple-A entertainment experience."

The news of the shift in focus comes as 2K Marin's Canberra, Australia based studio is renamed to 2K Australia—again.

When pressed for more details on the team working on XCOM, and whether the loss of the 2K Australia developers would result in a smaller team or more positions being shifted internally, 2K Games declined to be more specific.

"As mentioned Marin is the only team working on the game," a spokesperson said. "But as a rule, we can't comment about the size of our development teams. "

When XCOM was announced in 2010, 2K said that the game was being developed by 2K Marin, both the Novato, California and Canberra, Australia arms of the studio as a collaboration.


Luke Plunkett

More telling than it sounds. The Australia studio was the lead last time I was there. A number of key departures and a big delay (and what looks like a major retooling of the game) must have had the game moved to Marin lock stock and barrell.