Julian Gollop, the Bulgaria-based designed best known for creating the original XCOM game, has just launched a Kickstarter for a new "wizard tactics" game called Chaos Reborn.

Wizard tactics! Awesome. Here's Gollop describing the game:

Based on my cult classic ZX Spectrum game 'Chaos', first published in 1985 by Games Workshop, Chaos Reborn is part sequel, part re-imagining of that original game brought up-to-date with high quality presentation. The magic combat system remains true to the original Chaos.

It is all about summoning a host of weird and mythical creatures, moving and fighting with them, and using your wizard to attack, defend, buff and de-buff with large array of spells. It is highly tactical and fast paced. But Chaos Reborn expands considerably on this by offering multiplayer modes, a single-player RPG system and co-op play.


They're looking for $180,000 and aiming for a May 2015 release, which means, because this is Kickstarter, it will be out in 2016. Gollop has experience and pedigree, though, and this game sounds quite cool. Check out the Kickstarter for more info.