Not just anyone can defend the Earth from mysterious aliens in XCOM: Enemy Unknown. This is the "most elite" fighting organization in history, so you can expect at least some sort of written test, maybe a talent competition. It's the price you pay for being the bestest.


While I continue teasing Enemy Unknown lead designer Jake Solomon about his choice of words in this developer diary, you should probably keep watching until you get to the secret underground base bit. It's a pretty amazing system they've got going there, and I'm definitely feeling the G.I. Joe vibe.

Maybe when I'm done getting strategically up close and personal with invaders from outer space I'll be able to leave that sexy secret hideout running as a screensaver. It's the most elite military headquarters in the history of real-time strategy.


Look for more on XCOM: Enemy Unknown (AKA the one fans wanted) later today.

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