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XCOM 2 can be stressful as fuck. Thank goodness for Bob Ross and his soothing tones. Also his terrifying talent with a plasma rifle.

With the help of an expansive voice pack and some in-game character tinkering, you can have renowned snake charmer of the demons of the human soul (also painter/Twitch star) Bob Ross head up your XCOM 2 squad.

I dare you to watch this and not immediately click the Steam Workshop “subscribe” button:

“We don’t make mistakes. We have happy accidents.” Dang, there goes my morale—straight through the fuckin’ roof. I’m proud to fight by your side, Bob. Let’s paint a happy little tree on top of ADVENT’s grave.


For real, though, Bob Ross’ serene platitudes are kinda terrifying in an apocalyptic war scenario. “Today the paint salesman’s in town,” he says, almost menacingly, while sneaking up on an enemy. “Look at that, look at that,” he whispers, practically cooing, after bifurcating an alien with white-hot plasma.

Thank you for creating this, tdc733. And thank you for creating Bob Ross, God. (Twist: Bob Ross is also God.)

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