In the West, the Xbox 360 is all about friends. Playing with buddies online, friends lists, making new pals — all of which make this Japanese Xbox Support message all the more sad.

On the Japanese Xbox Support page for console set up, "View More" (もっと見る) appears under the third item, which concerns connecting the Xbox 360 controller. Clicking on "more" opens a new item, "Play a Game". Under this fourth item is an explanation regarding plugging in the console and putting a game disk in the console.

Normal stuff! Here's where it gets odd. At the time of posting, "View More" (もっと見る) changes to "友達少ない", which can be translated as "You have few friends." Oh. Okay.


By contrast, the US page goes from "View More" to "View Less" when clicked.

Maybe in Japan, where the Xbox 360 isn't popular, the Microsoft console isn't about friends at all. Who needs that when you have an Xbox 360!

Setting up your console 本体の設定 [Xbox] [Pic]