Xbox Smart Glass Lets You Control Your Xbox With Your iPhone

Microsoft demonstrated their Xbox Smart Glass tech today at E3, linking consumers' smartphones and tablets to their Xbox games and media. Not only does Smart Glass manage video playback across devices and add extra content to video, but it also makes your currently existing touch device into, essentially, a remote control for your console and a controller for certain new games.

Nintendo, too, is banking on the idea of touch tech for game control, with their Wii U controller, but Microsoft is banking on connecting to the devices that a significant number of consumers already own and carry with them everywhere.


Microsoft promises that it works across nearly all devices: iOS phones and tablets, Android phones and tablets, Windows phones, and Windows 8.

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So basically... anything the WiiU can do, this can do better? It's just an app, but it's got game interactivity (see the Halo and Madden bits), Zune (which is being rebranded) connectivity that lets you move stuff on the go, and is an OPTION, rather than the main controller.

A lot better than last night's WiiU "lol, you can Gamefaqs for single-player games!"