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Booting Up Your Xbox Series X/S Just Got A Little Quicker

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We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Xbox Series X/S Boot Times

The Xbox Series X/S already boot up incredibly fast, but it turns out they could go even faster. Microsoft is now testing a shorter startup animation to let players take advantage of that speed and get precious seconds of their life back. It’s a modest improvement in the grand scheme of things, but a perfect example of the new generation of consoles’ snappy charm.

The change was first noticed by Xbox Inside users who get access to updates before they go live for everyone else, notes The Verge. Xbox integrated marketing director Josh Munsee then confirmed the update on Twitter. The team worked to create a shorter boot animation that would cut the start up time in half. You can see the before and after difference in the above video.


The quicker times aren’t reserved for Xbox Series X and S either. Last generation Xbox One consoles are starting up faster as well. The one caveat is that most users probably won’t notice the difference unless they keep their consoles in Energy Saver mode or frequently have reason to turn them off. Otherwise, the Series X/S will always be in standby mode which it can already come out of in just a few seconds.

Still, it’s the kind of incremental upgrade that goes along with the overall speed of the new generation of gaming hardware. Fast load times are nice, but faster home screen startup and navigation is even nicer. Smartphones have trained me to have the attention span of a goldfish, and I deeply appreciate any and all innovations that reduce the friction between me telling a device to do a thing and it actually doing it.


Easier to find than the PS5, the Series S in particular has been selling like gangbusters throughout the first half of the year.