Xbox Originals Gets Grabbed By The Ghoulies Next Week

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You know why the call them Xbox Originals? Because you can't call 'em Xbox Classics. Case in point, Rare's first Xbox title, Grabbed By The Ghoulies is your next Xbox Original. Oh, I kid, Rare!


The UK developer's debut game under the ownership of Microsoft will drop on the Xbox Live Marketplace next Tuesday, February 16th.

Rare describes Grabbed By The Ghoulies as "a fun and stylish haunted house beat-'em-up adventure from the makers of Banjo-Kazooie that encourages you to throw toilet rolls at hunchbacks and beat up zombies with their own severed arms."


Expect it to sell for the standard Originals price of 1200 Microsoft Points when it's uploaded. Thanks to KefkaticFanatic for the tip!

Rare News [Rare via Rare Witch Project]

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It would be nice if they added more titles to be eligible since all the Xbox originals are from the list of BC combatible XBox games.

They could always fix the emulation for Marvel vs Capcom 2, as well as add games whose sequel or prequel is already available. I would also like to play the original Obscure on the 360, but that's probably asking a bit too much.