Xbox One Troll Tricks People Into Using Skype

With Xbox One trolling becoming such a thing, you'd think that people populating Call of Duty lobbies would have caught on by now—but sometimes, sheer rage just gets the better of us all.

In that case, yelling out the gamertag of the person that's angering you makes sense—it just so happens that when the person in question is named "Xbox Skypee," saying their name out loud means your Xbox One will boot Skype up. That's not ideal when you're trying to shoot someone in the face, as this footage by videogames shows.

I'm really amused that most people try to tell their Xbox to stop listening—that's not actually a command unless you're watching video or something. In that case, you can say "Xbox, stop" to pause playback of whatever you're watching. The fact people do this shows that people are trying to communicate with their Kinect in the same way they might try talk to a person, though, which is fascinating. If only we could!


Xbox One Skype Trolling [videogames]

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Davy M Jones

Surprising no one, the majority of these are pre-teens or early teens.

One of them sounded like he was ten or eleven.

I'm glad I don't work at GameStop at the moment. Not yelling at parents is hard to do.