Microsoft's Phil Spencer comes across as more of an infomercial guy than a talk show guest here in this stint on Jimmy Fallon earlier tonight, but hey, he's not the focus here. The Xbox One and some games are. Namely Killer Instinct and Forza 5.

Not sure they were the two best games to bring on the show, because, well, watching it on the TV screen (or on someone else's TV screen on YouTube) it's tough seeing much of an improvement over the Xbox 360, even when Spencer outlines the "laser capture" work done on Forza 5. Who's looking at the background in a racing game?

What is easy to see, though, is Jimmy Fallon's button-mashing and grandma-driving, which are both terrifying and adorable respectively.

In the wake of E3 game companies have got their hooks into Fallon's show all week, with Sony, Ubisoft, Activision and Nintendo to each get a spot for the rest of the nights this week.