Hungry? Why not have a tasty Xbox burger and a delicious beverage to wash it down? In Hong Kong, you can.

Fast food chain Triple-O's is teaming up with Microsoft for the Xbox One Burger. It's available for a limited time only, and from the looks of it, the meals appear to be either the standard Original Burger with a beef patty and Triple "O" sauce or the Chicken Supreme Burger with grilled boneless chicken and honey mustard mayo.

[Photo: Nextplus]

According to HKGolden and Siliconera, Microsoft is also including burger vouches with console bundles to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

[Photo: HKGolden]

The Triple-O's location in Hong Kong's Wanchai has been converted into an Xbox One-themed restaurant until the end of March.

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[Photo: Xbox HK]

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Top photo: Xbox HK

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