Xbox One Brings Us Next Gen Parenting

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You can't always keep an eye on the kids while playing video games...unless, of course, you choose to rig your console to show you footage of your baby's crib (also known as a 'nanny cam').


The wonders of being able to snap Internet Explorer to the side of your games, people. The image above comes from TheHardGospel, and they say they're using the mobile view of Internet explorer plus a $50 camera. It's probably the most creative use of the Xbox One's snapping feature that I've ever seen, if not the most responsible usage, too.

If you're having trouble seeing it, make sure to click 'expand' on the picture to get a better view of whats going on in the top right corner.

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Sacrificing resolution for your children? Casual.
Look at all that wasted space too.
Never have kids.