Troy Victorino, the ringleader behind the Florida Xbox murders, says that the trial that ended in a death sentence for him wasn't fair.

His attorney Tuesday told the Florida Superme Court that Victorino should have been tried separately from co-defendants, who blamed the now 32-year-old, for their involvement.


Victorino was convicted in 2006 on six counts of first-degree murder and received death sentences for four of the murders, in his involvement in the bludgeoning deaths of six people and a dog two years earlier.

The case, which drew national attention, became known as the Xbox death because it stemmed from an argument about an Xbox taken from a home where Victorino had been living as a squatter.

Victorino's appeal to the state supreme court comes a year after co-defendant Jerone Hunter made the same argument in an appeal and was rejected.


Xbox murders ringleader claims he didn't get fair trial