Xbox Live's Major Nelson Takes Your Calls During This Week's Podcast

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Microsoft's Xbox Live director of programming, Major Nelson, will be our guest host on the Kotaku call-in podcast this week, filling in for ... me. The good Major joins Crecente live, Wednesday, ready to field your live calls.

Major Nelson will talk about anything Live-related that you can dream of. Such as: Why is there no Xbox Live Platinum membership? (I'm sure you can do better!)

He follows the Kotaku Talk Radio guest-appearance trail-blazing of Amy Hennig, Ken Levine, Tim Schafer, Cliff Bleszinski, Jeremiah Slaczka, and Randy Pitchford. And that was just 2009.


On Wednesday at 11am Kotaku Time (that's 1pm ET, 10am PT), you will be able to call in and ask Major Nelson anything you want.

Look for a reminder post about the podcast at 10:55 AM mountain time (12:55 ET) on Wednesday. The post will include call-in info so you can ask your questions. The show will be live at 11am MT, 1pm ET. I'll expect to hear you calling our switchboard then.

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Someone please ask Nelson why in the hell we can't preview premium themes on live. You want me to purchase this expensive theme MS? Then usually it'd be a smart idea to let me know what exactly it is I'm purchasing.