Xbox Live Now Offering Rewards Worth 25 Cents

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Are you an Xbox Live Gold subscriber with a Gamerscore of more than 3,000 but not more than 10,000? Well, good news for you! You'll now get a "Special Gift*" during your birthday month!

* Actual value of gift is not more than 25 cents.

If you have a Gamerscore over 10,000, you get a 1 percent rebate on your Xbox Live Marketplace purchases, and at 25,000 or better, you get 2 percent cash funny money back.


It's all part of Xbox Live's New MyAchievements program, which sounds to me like another way to make sure you have an odd and unspendable amount of Microsoft points in your account. Xbox Live revealed the new "rewards" scheme yesterday. Say you buy a game valued at $20, real money. Boom! That's 16 Microsoft points** for you at the end of the month!

**Actual value of 16 Microsoft points: Who the hell knows?

What can you buy with that? Hell if I know. They set a rebate limit of 30,000 Microsoft Points each month, too. So if you have a 25,000 Gamerscore and you plan to buy more than $18,750*** worth of DLC between now and June 30, 2013, sucks to be you. On the other hand, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 is coming out in March.

***You have no idea how hard I worked on that joke. I hate math.

So, are you ready to go boost yourself up to 25,000 Gamerscore and collect that extra 1 percent cashback on your Xbox Live Discover card? Good! This person has some tips for you on how to do that.


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inb4 bitching about not getting enough of something for nothing.

Xbox Live Rewards is nothing compared to Bing Rewards, but I've received about 900MSP from passively using XBLR. This is just going to add to that total, and I don't have to do anything to do that. Not gonna complain one bit.