Xbox Live is Fixed. [Updated]

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Update: There may be a few orphans out there in the great Xbox Live power outrage of November. But Microsoft is stamping out the problems and rooting out the causes as we speak. I just got done with about three hours of very personal service over instant messenger, and I'm back online. If you still can't connect to Xbox Live, your best bet is to test the connection, get the error codes, and call customer service. They're not fooling around, this is a bigtime concern for them. But bottom line, I have it on reasonably good authority that everything will be cool for NXE's launch on Wednesday despite this. Kudos to the XBL team working through it all on a weekend. My original post is on the jump.Major Nelson popped on sometime last night to declare that Xbox Live's connectivity problems had been resolved, then almost immediately was hammered with comments saying in effect, no it hasn't, so he pulled back the all-clear. I know I couldn't connect at all last night, and as of 7:30 am Crecente time I still can't. And, yes, I tested the connection. Oh, the official Xbox Live status? Nonexistent, apparently. See above. (Then again, it does show me as still owning an original Xbox.) Would someone please tell us WTF is going on, because half as many people who can connect say they can't. The New Xbox Experience hits this week, so for certain Microsoft's called everyone in this weekend and made them miserable in search of a fix. Let's just hope they can slap enough duct tape and baling twine on the servers to survive Wednesday. I'll keep my eyes peeled and update here in case they can get it repaired today. Lord, one hopes so. Having Xbox Live Connection Issues? [Major Nelson] Xbox Live Status [Microsoft]



i got the NXE las night and the only trouble im having is bloody finding everything ¬_¬ may just be the fact that i have doctor who on the brain.. but does anyone else think that the brown suit in the avatar clothing looks like they tried to recreate the 10th docs brown suit..??? (and yes my avatar is currently wearing it :D )