Xbox Live Is Down [Update: It's Fixed]

It might not go down that often, but when it does, it goes down: Xbox Live users worldwide have been experiencing a severe outage for hours now, unable to sign into devices or access online features. [Update: it’s back!]

Xbox Support’s Twitter account posted this three hours ago:


And at time of posting it’s still down. In Australia I can’t sign into Xbox Live on either my Xbox One or PC (using Windows 10’s Xbox app), nor can my colleagues in the US.

Xbox Support employees are currently telling frustrated owners “we don’t have a specific ETA” on the resumption of services.

It’s a pain, because the way Xbox’s sign-in works means that if you can’t sign in and access “core services”, you can’t use anything: the store is down, Netflix won’t work, etc.


UPDATE: Fixes are rolling out. People now seem to be able to sign in and connect, though Xbox’s support page is still showing services as being down.

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