Centaurs and not-so-centaurs spill blood on the fields of battle in this week's Xbox Live Indie Clip, the Tribes of Ursea.

People often ask me how I chose which games to feature in the weekly Xbox Live Indie Clips article. Sometimes they are suggested to me through friends and co-workers. On occasion the developer themselves will bring a game to my attention. Most of the time I just pick one.

Which is how we come to feature Tribes of Ursea. It's a brand new addition to Xbox Live Indie games, and I've always had a thing for centaurs. There you go: My scientific method explained.

The Tribes of Ursea is a third-person shooter in which two armies comprised of centaurs and flying guys whose names I can never remember fight for some reason. The centaur are ancient protectors. The flying guys can only die in battle, so they fight to die. They must be fun at parties.

The Tribes of Ursea is available now on Xbox Live for 80 Microsoft points. Should you buy it? Watch the video and make your own decision.