In this week's installment of Xbox Live Indie Clips, I take to the space road with Haiku Interactive's Space Police on Super Highway 9. Are space police better than regular police?

I suppose the answer to that question depends on who is playing Space Police on Highway 9. The courteous space police officer uses his siren to warn civilians that he's in hot pursuit. The less responsible space policeman turns the siren off and earns extra points by driving close to civilian traffic while ramming baddies into submission.


Hopefully this game sells well enough to give the space police more funding for guns. They are desperately needed.

The game's been out for awhile, but that's the joy of Xbox Live Indie Clips. Such an impressive, relatively untouched back catalog I could do one every day.

Don't mention that to Crecente, please.

Space Police on Super Highway 9 is available now on Xbox Live Marketplace.