Tonight, President Obama squared off against Governor Romney. Did either win one hundred percent of the debate? What about 47 percent? Oh, the suspense!

Xbox Live thinks it knows. According to 100,000 Xbox Live community members, President Obama took the second debate, with 51 percent of undecideds giving it to the Commander in Chief.

Republican nominee Romney received 17 percent, while 32 percent of the undecideds were unsure who won.

More poll tidbits (via Venture Beat) point out that 28 percent of undecided voters leaned towards Obama post debate, while 10 percent leaned towards Romney.

Fifty-two percent of the undecided voters said Obama was the most truthful, compared with 17 percent for Romney. And 56 percent said that Obama was specific enough with his agenda; once again, 17 percent thought the same for the Governor.


The poll included 70 questions in real time, netting two million responses from Xbox Live users. Binders full of answers, that.

Xbox Live Members Say Obama Won Second Debate [Venture Beat]

(Top photo: Microsoft)