Oh. I was all excited there for a second. Reading the start of the press release for the Xbox LIVE Film Club ("Love your movies? Want to see exclusive screenings of the hottest new releases before anyone else? Xbox LIVE Film Club has just the ticket.") I thought Microsoft had gone and rolled out some kind of movie premiere service that would let you watch new releases over LIVE rather than putting up with popcorn-hurling kids at the local multiplex. But no - it's just a competition that will let a selection of LIVE users attend some swish movie premieres. This is all in aid of promoting some new releases via the LIVE Video Store (Forrest Gump, Pretty in Pink, Planes Trains and Automobiles and Ghost, among others). In the 'coming soon' dispatches, we have Iron Man, The Love Guru (oh dear) and โ€” assuming it isn't sued into the ground and gets a release at all โ€” Watchmen. If you fancy a shot at watching Iron Man don some blackface in Tropic Thunder, just email Microsoft with a short review of your favourite film and cross your fingers. Xbox LIVE Film Club premiers [Xbox.com]