Xbox Live Arcade Games Will Soon Offer Double The Gamerscore

Maybe it's due to the slumping sales of Xbox Live Arcade games that game developers have been complaining about. Or maybe we can call it Gamerscore inflation. Or is Microsoft just being generous?

Whatever the case, XBLA games will be able to offer 400 Gamerscore points instead of 200, starting in April and will be required to do so by June. They'll now max out at 30 Achievements, according to Microsoft's Major Nelson.


Xbox LIVE Arcade Gamerscore Policy Change [Major Nelson blog]

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laser beams

Or maybe people are tired of paying $15- $20 for games that would have only cost $5- $10 four or five years ago. I buy far fewer games on XBLA than I used to, since I can get most of them on Steam for a fraction of the price. Achievements mean absolutely nothing to me, but good news for anyone who likes them, I guess :)