Xbox Japan's January Software Deals

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Xbox Japan has just released a list of its latest additions to the budget priced Platinum Line. Unfortunately for those in Japan looking for some before Christmas deals, these games will not go on sale until after the holidays. Title, pricing and release info to follow:

Eternal Sonata ¥3,800 (US$41) January 8, 2009
Armored Core for Answer ¥2,940 ($32) January 8, 2009
Kingdom Under Fire ¥2,940 ($32) January 8, 2009
Virtua Fighter 5 Live Arena ¥2,940 ($32) January 15, 2009


More info (in Japanese) in the link below.

お買い求めやすい価格の「Xbox 360® プラチナコレクション」2009 年 1 月、新たに 『トラスティベル ~ショパンの夢~』が登場 [Xbox Japan]

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Tim Rogers


sorry to burst M$'s bubble though uhh, just about any used book / game store anywhere in tokyo has plenty of copies of eternal sonata for well under 1,000 yen.

i got one for 480 yen several months ago, for example.

anyone who waits to pay 3,800 yen for a "platinum hits" version instead of buying one for 480 yen now is a certifiable rube.