Xbox Japan, for Xbox Japan, is on a bit of a roll of late. The console was either the top selling or number two selling home console in the weekly sales depending on which sales data you go buy. Microsoft has secured a slew of RPGs like Tales of Vesperia, Infinite Undiscovery and Star Ocean 4 — joining Xbox 360 RPG titles like Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey. As Xbox Japan honcho Takashi Sensui explains:

Sales have been in an upward trend in Japan recently and we intend to work hard to push this momentum forward moving into the holiday sales season... As an initial milestone, we would like to hit the one million mark as soon as possible, and are continuing to work hard to get to this milestone and go beyond... The recent launch of Infinite Undiscovery on September 11 saw sales of over 90,000 units in the week of September 8-14 according to data from Media Create, placing it the third-highest selling game in Japan in that period... We have similar high hopes for the upcoming launch of other RPGs such as The Last Remnant, Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope and Fable II. However, we have no plans to launch Final Fantasy XIII in Japan.


Wait, wait, wait. "We" have no plans to launch Final Fantasy XIII in Japan? Don't you mean Square Enix has no plans to launch FFXIII in Japan? Ah, yes, hello semantics, how have you been? Xbox in Japan: A New Dawn? [EDGE]

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