Xbox Japan Isn't Giving Up On Kinect. There Is A Trailer.

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That's good. It also hasn't given up on the Xbox 360. Xbox Japan is plucky!

While the peripheral's launch wasn't exactly spectacular, the Japan arm is once again rolling out its Kinect trailer at locations across Japan.


The trailer offers folks a chance to check out Kinect — a chance they had at Japanese retail. Those demo stations were apparently unloved and lonely.


But the Kinect trailer is far more fetching! There are girls with question marks on their butts, and the trailer even has a ceiling fan. Hopefully that will alleviate any fears of how one will use Kinect in a tiny Japanese apartment.

The Kinect trailer tour kicks off on March 19 in Hiroshima and ends up in Kobe in April.


日本マイクロソフト、春休みに「Xbox 360 Kinect体験キャラバンカーイベント」全国ツアーを実施 [Game Watch]

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why the heck is microsoft doing dumb shit like this instead of pushing the Kinect with good games. How about lets see Microsoft develop a blockbuster title for the kinect, that will set the standards for the Kinect. I'm not seeing that, i dont have any interest in this at all. Wasting their money on dumb shit.