Xbox Japan Booth Babes Adore New Booth Babe Outfit

You are looking at last year's Xbox 360 "booth companions" for the Tokyo Game Show. This year, we'll not only get new companions, but new companion outfits. And if you thought last year's was impressive, wait, just wait, until you see this years says Xbox Japan marketing exec Jyoji Sakaguchi:

Every year, our booth companion outfits get an extremely favorable reception, and they are very popular among women. This year, we're going to finally introduce a new design for the outfits. During the booth companion fitting, things like "Wow, I want to wear this outside work!" were overheard about the cool costume.


Hey, why not let them take the outfits home. Free advertising! 【TGS2008特報!】ゲームを遊びまくり! 140台以上の試遊台を用意するマイクロソフトブース []



Quoting the classics: "SHA-WIIIING!" ... ... :P

Honestly, though, I like the the whole event thing: booth, babes with nice outfits, big screens. I hope that sometime in my life I'll get a chance to attend one of those shows