Xbox Indie Games Return To A Place You Can Actually See Them

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When Microsoft redesigned the Xbox 360's dashboard, it tucked the console's indie games marketplace away in a spot most casual observers would never find it. After indie devs lit torches and grabbed pitchforks, Microsoft has now moved them back.

Where last week the games were hidden away in the "specialty shops" area of the dashboard, they've now been returned to the main games marketplace, where they used to be found on the old Xbox 360 user interface.


The Xbox 360 indie development community - so quick to get angry at the initial move - has been just as quick to praise Microsoft for the reversal, with "hugs all round" probably the cutest of their proclamations.

Dev victory as Microsoft promotes indie store [Develop][image]

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You know... with my screen, the new location for the indie games is actually worse. Before, it was the second tab on Specialty Shops, while now it's the forth tab on Games & Demos. The problem, my screen only shows the first two tabs in full, while showing the edge of the third one. If anything, the indie devs just hopped out of the fry pan and into the fire. I often don't bother with demos (because they tend to suck), and I have no need for Games on Demand (give me the game disc please). So with their current placement, I'd REALLY have to go out of my way to get an indie game, if I even thought about it. Given how I'm not seeing it on a quick browse, it doesn't come to mind as much to check out the indie games, which means even less chance of my MS points going towards them.