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The gaming industry is big business — huge. Yet, according to Xbox Europe exec David Gosen, it doesn't merit the same respect that Hollywood or the music biz does.


"But it frustrates me that from a public standpoint, the industry still hasn't got the stature, credibility and cut through that we all deserve. I still get the sense we're sandwiched somewhere between corporate bankers and taxmen in terms of society's general perception," says Gosen.

"There's been improvement, but not the quantum leap there should have been," he continues. "We should be as loved as Hollywood is or the music industry is. Yet we are not. That's not because people aren't trying. But there seems to be a barrier of acceptance."


Gosen goes on to talk about how the industry should be rewarded by governments with incentives, the need to talk to schools and non-government organizations and even works in a plug for how Xbox LIVE brings families together.

Hollywood didn't garner immediate respect and neither did the music industry. Stuff like that takes time, it's not you, it's them.

‘Let's demand more respect' [MCVUK via GameBizBlog]

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