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Don Mattrick, head of Microsoft's Xbox division, lives in this house. I think this qualifies as a Gold-tier home. Definitely not Silver.


I came across this aerial view of Mattrick's Vancouver abode during some reporting and researching involving yesterday's Microsoft executive shake-up. Mattrick's still at Microsoft. In fact, he now not only runs the Xbox division but will be reporting directly to Microsoft's CEO. That's impressive, but not as impressive as this house.

A 2008 article about impressive Vancouver homes states that Mattrick's 25,000 square foot palace is shared by himself and his wife, the daughter of a major Canadian telecom founder. The house had been assessed at $28 million (Canadian) in '08, according to


Is there a person in the gaming business with a nicer house? If so, does it include a 10-car garage as Mattrick's does? I'm guessing no, until you e-mail me pictures that indicate otherwise. Until then just take a gander from above.

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