TopWare Interactive snagged the IP and trademark rights to 2003 PC and Xbox action RPG Enclave, with plans to revitalize the series, starting with a remake of the original game for the Nintendo Wii.

Enclave was an ambitious action RPG developed by Starbreeze Studios, the team behind The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay. Unfortunately Enclave didn't fare nearly as well with the critics as Riddick. As a result, Enclave's dual light and dark storylines and decision-based game mechanics were looked over by many a gamer.


But TopWare Interactive isn't letting the series die. They've grabbed the rights for Enclave and plan to bring it back to life, kicking off with a Wii remake of the original game called Enclave: Shadows of Twilight. The Wii version will feature an enhanced save game system, an interactive tutorial, and both light and dark storylines unlocked from the beginning of the game.

I find it an odd choice of franchises for TopWare to snag, but I suppose it beats trying to come up with a completely original IP.

No word yet on when the game is coming out, and yes, I called TopWare to make sure this wasn't an April Fool's joke.

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