Xbox Achievements Come to iOS with Wordament

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You don't need a Windows Phone to get mobile gaming achievements anymore, as Microsoft releases Wordament, a free competitive multiplayer word find tournament with 50 achievement points built right in.


It's one small step for Wordament, the competitive word game that's been keeping Windows Phone gamers hunting and pecking since April of this year, and one giant leap for Microsoft, doling out much-coveted Xbox Live achievement points on non-Microsoft sanctioned hardware. The game contains 50 points to be added to players' gamerscores in 5 point increments.

Wordament itself is an addictive little morsel of a word game in which everyone playing the game at any given time is competing against everyone else. They all get the same set of letters and the same amount of time to make words out of them. At the end of the round a leaderboard displays how well the player performed versus everyone. Seeing yourself in the top 100 is a proud moment—one I've yet to experience, but I'm sure it's very nice.


You don't have to sign into Xbox Live to play Wordament, but then how would you earn an achievement for besting Stephen Totilo in a round?

Wordament — Free [iTunes]

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Oh Microsoft, it's like you don't want Windows Phone to succeed...