Illustration for article titled Xbox 360-Type Logo Appeared In 17th Century As Aliens?

The Xbox 360 logo inspired by aliens? Probably not, but it does have green in it. And aliens are always green. Mark Wilson over at sister site Gizmodo spotted this sketch from 1697, which has a design that looks like the Xbox 360 logo. Coincidence?


Mark claims not to be a conspiracy theorist but finds great non-news fodder like this on UFO conspiracy sites. According to Mark, "This supposedly historical shot was pulled from the 1997 documentary Area 51: Alien Interview. According to the film, on November 4, 1697, the citizens of Hamburg, Germany spotted "two glowing wheels" in the air. To some, it was just further proof of another civilization visiting Earth."

The glowing wheels then turned red and crapped out? Kidding! Well, sorta. Too bad those space aliens didn't copyright that logo — they could've made a mint off of Microsoft's use of it. Silly aliens.


Xbox 360 Logo Spotted in 1697 UFO Sighting Sketch [Gizmodo]

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This is why we can't be taken seriously by our wives ;_;