Xbox 360 The Best Selling Console In Japan? Media Create Says 'No'

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In the world of console sales, a thousand unit discrepancy here or there isn't really a big deal. But when the Xbox 360 makes headlines for being the best selling console in Japan for the week, those numbers matter. While Famitsu publisher Enterbrain calls Microsoft the winner for the week of September 8 to 14, alternative sales source Media Create sees it differently. It puts the Wii ahead of the 360 by about 1500 units. The two sales watchers disagree on how many 360s were sold last week, which may help explain the differences in data, even though they both claim to cover the same timespan. Regardless of who won coveted third first place on the hardware charts, that's a lot of green. - Nintendo DS - 63,859 - PSP - 30,156 - Wii - 29,686 - Xbox 360 - 28,188 - PlayStation 3 - 8,053 - PlayStation 2 - 7,669


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Why are people pining so much against the 360 doing well? They dropped prices, put more and more RPGs and other Japanese games and worked their ASS off to try and sell it. It's a good story. So everybody and their casual gaming relatives bought the Wii. Goodie goodie. Now I think it's great that a relatively hardcore machine like the 360 is being moved around. PS3 could do better, but Sony seems to be playing lame duck until the big games come out. After MGS4, things seemed to have settled down with them.