Xbox 360 System Updated - Nothing To See Here

As the emails start to trickle in regarding this morning's Xbox 360system update, we thought we'd deliver you folks the skinny on what exactly the update does. Nothing. Well, not exactly nothing - it's one of those preparing for the future sort of things. Who knows? Perhaps this system update is putting into place the very foundation of the new Xbox Experience, sending out its hungry tentacles to wrap around the existing programming, quivering in anticipation as they wait for the signal to tear away the old and take root as the new. A seed, waiting to be nourished so it can grow wild, covering the dash with pretty leaves and flowers, while the core functionality remains, held safe in the bosom of this wild new thing. Poetic, isn't it? I got the idea from that Sony television commercial. Anyway, nothing to see here. Xbox 360 System update now available (no new features) [Xbox Live's Major Nelson]


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