Xbox 360 Price Slashes Hit U.S. On Sept. 5

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You knew it was coming, but Microsoft has made it official: the Xbox 360 is officially going to drop to as low as $199 starting Friday, September 5 in the U.S. The three currently offered SKUs will get a price drop in North America, following multiple retail leaks and a similar pricing adjustment for the Japanese market. The new MSRP for the current line up is as follows. * Xbox 360 Arcade - $199 * Xbox 360 - $299 * Xbox 360 Elite - $399 Yes, that makes the Xbox 360 officially the least expensive current generation console following an $80 price cut on the Arcade model. Here's to hoping that helps Microsoft's recent hardware sales woes.


@Insomnia Bob:

First of all, why the hell don't I have a reply button next to any posts on this page?

Secondly, I think we're at the point where anyone who's lived without an Xbox 360 this long probably realizes that he doesn't actually need one. At least that's how I feel.

I'm at the point where it would really need to be about $100 including a game for me to consider it. The problem with the $199 Arcade is that you still need to buy a memory card (what, $30?) and a game or two ($60 or whatever), so it ends up costing almost $300 anyway. Still not worth it if it wasn't worth it before.