Xbox 360 Netflix Offerings Gutted Of Columbia Pictures Flicks

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The selection of movies that one can stream from Netflix to the Xbox 360 just got a bit smaller, as a batch of content distributed by Columbia Pictures — owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment (dun dun dunnnnn!) — is now listed as "currently unavailable for playback on the Xbox." That affects some big releases from the studio, including titles like Superbad, The Karate Kid and The Lives of Others but also thankfully saves us from becoming incredibly depressed by watching Spider-Man 3 while drunk. The titles will still be available for stream via PCs and other set top boxes — just not your Xbox 360. According to a follow up on the story from MTV Multiplayer, "a few hundred titles are temporarily unavailable" for Microsoft's console, but Netflix spokesfolk say "we hope they’ll be licensed for Xbox 360 shortly." On the eve of the New Xbox Experience roll out, I'd be plenty pissed at the last minute change if it didn't likely save me from actually going through with a viewing of Ghost Rider. NXE Netflix streaming loses Sony's Columbia Pictures movies [Joystiq]


Nightshift Nurse

Wait, wait, wait...

So Microsoft uses every dirty trick in the book to sabotage Sony's efforts this gen and people don't bat an eyebrow...but then Sony plays hardball (for a change) and everyone starts whining?

I say tough shit.

Sony happens to own a hefty chunk of Hollywood and it's entirely in their best interests to prevent it from further glorifying Microsoft's latest 360 endeavor.

When people complained about the PlayStation 3's loss of virtually every third-party exclusive it had the party line from 360 fanboys was "Get over it, that's business."

Well, time to live those words guys...