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Xbox 360 May Get Its Own Avatar Arcade

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Xbox 360 may be getting its own retro-themed arcade space, an environment that looks remarkably similar to the one competitor Sony offers in PlayStation Home. The above pictures come from a rumored survey hinting at an "AvatArcade."

The name AvatArcade, despite its awkward camel-capping, is one of the better naming options being surveyed, according to details forwarded to Kotaku by a tipster. The others include Game Room, RetroCade, RetroGame, Game Preserve, Game Gallery, Tower of ROM, Tower of Game(s), Classics and Classics LIVE. Yes, Tower of ROM is far superior, but we just don't see that one sticking.


The survey info passed on to Kotaku doesn't offer much in the way of further details, but does indicate that publisher Atari will likely be one of the company's with a presence in the proposed space. The virtual arcade cabinets appear to feature playable copies of Atari's RealSports Baseball and Realsports Basketball, not to mention heavy Atari logo branding.

Looks like Intellivision games may also be on offer, as banners for Shark! Shark! and Star Strike hang in the same space. If those games are representative of the titles that would appear in the "AvatArcade," we're not sure what's so arcade-y about this.


The survey also hints that Microsoft may be charging for the Avatar-supported game room, asking surveyees what title would "compel" them to purchase the product.

We've checked in with Microsoft to see what they have to say.

Update: This is what they have to say: "Microsoft does not comment on rumors or speculation." I'm sure you never saw that coming.