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Microsoft Europe have today announced that the Xbox 360 - long (and still) the underdog in the European theatre of console conflict - has now sold seven million units across the continent. That's up from five million in June, showing anyone who couldn't figure it out for themselves that when you cut the price of a console twice in six months, lots more people will buy it. Those with an interest in PR exuberance, you'll love the accompanying quote from MS Europe's David Gosen, who was positively beaming when he said:

It’s the combination of elements that put us in a fantastically strong position. We have 360 degrees of entertainment. At the moment, momentum is fantastic, we’ve got real traction in all European markets.


You can bet Gosen won a fiver for that, when his work buddies dared him he couldn't work "360 degrees" and "traction" into the one statement. Xbox 360 storms past 7m sales in Europe [MCV]

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