That's right, the Xbox 360 is going coin-op. Arcade industry newsletter The Stinger Report (via trade site Highwaygames) brings word of the Arcade Station T2. Arcade Station T2 is in the vein of Nintendo's PlayerChoice 10 arcade machine from 1986, by bringing the home experience to coin-op. It's outfitted in a traditional upright cabinet design, but features two Xbox 360 controllers and memory card slots. While it supports "system link gaming", it hasn't been revealed that whether that refers to LIVE support or not.
While the list of games is still being finalized, it could include Halo 3, FIFA 08, Assassins Creed and Devil May Cry 4. It won't feature the traditional Pay-to-Play model, but the Play-for-Time one, which the Stinger Report calls "VenderTainment". The cabinet is apparently fully licensed by Xbox and has been developed by American home arcade manufacturer Quasimoto Interactive. It's currently being tested in Asia and the UK and should be released in the upcoming months.
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