There's an article on Cave's maniac petticoat shooter DeathSmiles. According to's adversity1, Cave plans to put new arcade title DeathSmiles II on the Xbox 360, too.

Junya Inoue, who did the DeathSmiles II character design, jokes that the reason why the recently announced title takes place a month after the first game is that they would have to age and "we can't have that."


According to Inoue, DeathSmiles was originally dubbed "Death Lolitas", but that name was scraped over concern on how it would go over with arcade operators. DeathSmiles is a great title, but not nearly as bad ass as "Death Lolitas".

Cave has released several ports of its bullet hell shooters and is very much interested in releasing packaged 360 titles and games on Xbox LIVE — helping to solidify the 360 as this generation's shoot-'em-up console

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