Xbox 360 Getting a 3D Dashboard Make-Over?

Illustration for article titled Xbox 360 Getting a 3D Dashboard Make-Over?

The rumored Xbox 360 Spring Update might not have hit yet, but we know something big is in the works for the console's dashboard.


How big? Well besides the gi-normous list of rumored updates we posted about back in May we're now hearing from a number of sources that the Live dashboard is going to be getting a second interface option, one that will use the yet-to-be announced motion controller to navigate.

This new user interface, we've been told, will recreate the increasingly cluttered dashboard "blade" system in a 3D environment that will be something more akin to the Minority Report than a filing cabinet. The motion controls will allow users to sort of slide through the different levels of this floating menu system.

Sounds like a fantastic idea, if it can be implemented correctly.


I love these photoshops.

On topic: I would love a new interface. The only streamlining right now is hitting Y in the Marketplace to jump back to the main blade. Whoopde shit MS. The blades are fine, keep 'em if you must, just give up more shortcuts please. That Y button thing for all blades would be an instant and easy improvement.

@Atheist Jew: Hell, the Media Centre is faster and easier to use than the 360's interface. Just copy that.